EH U................DID YOU KNOW...??? 


a Few EH Press Quotes...


"...the premiere black string band in AMERICA"

-Tony Thomas, Black Banjo Association


"They provide NYC's sound's a fact of life..."

-Paul Lieberman, LA Times



“The Real Y’Alternative!!!”

-Kandia Crazy Horse, Creative Loafing



" landing in the saloon of some dusty,  one sheriff midwestern town..."

- The New York Amsterdam News



"...the music was good and sweet...and stuck in my mind"


“What a wonderful connection to all our humanity!”

-The New York Times


”…if you often take the shuttle from Central

Park, you’ve probably stopped to listen to an

African-American string band called the

Ebony Hillbillies, and wished you didn’t have

to go to work!”

-The New Yorker Magazine



“They get double takes, if not full pauses

when they play!”

-The Wall Street Journal


“I wanted to join in but its hard to dance and

take notes at the same time!”

-Post and Courier, Charleston, SC



“...They sound as cool as their name!”

-The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA



"They recreate the music you would have

heard if you could time travel to a country

dance in Mississippi around 1903." 

-Mick Gold, BBC/UK


"Joyous, athletic, ancient, modern, and eternal, the Ebony Hillbillies don’t just tell an important story about our country and keep an essential part of our musical heritage alive, but they entertain, magically, majestically, gracefully, and energetically. A pile of passionate, high-end musicians who apply their skill to filling this old tradition with beautiful new life,
it’s likely you won’t see a more engaging, entertaining, and purely joyful band all year." 

-Tim Sommer, Sag Harbor Online


Garland Jeffreys 

Music Review by Jay N. Miller -


Garland Jeffreys


On The Ebony Hillbillies session, Jeffreys sings Bob Dylan’s “Buckets of Rain” as the rootsy band delivers a rollicking good time.

“My friend Richard Alderson was producing those guys in the studio, and he told me they play in New York City subways,” Jeffreys explained. “He asked me if I could come in and sing with them, and I liked the idea. I appreciate those guys and how they make music for the pure joy of it. One of them is 80. Now they are getting good gigs, thanks to some downloaded tunes on the radio and so on. We released that song on Dylan’s birthday, and it got good airplay, and I love the way it turned out and the response it got.”

With a hot new album to promote, and Savannah now 15 –– and a budding songwriter herself –– Jeffreys is eager to get out and perform his music again.

“I am really happy to have made this record, and I intend to follow it and play it anywhere I can for the next year or two at least,” Jeffreys said. “We’ll go all around this country and back to Europe and maybe Australia –– I’ve never been there, and they like my music there, so why not? I plan to be out there.”


A Few EH Places Performed, Clients, etc…

"The Ebony Hillbillies made love to us with old school, down home dancin' music. People were up and out of their seats. From

corner to corner you could see waltzes, jitterbugs, and maybe even a little running man if you looked real hard. These guys came

straight from playing in the New York subways to our delicate green city. One of the songs they so eloquently described as "a

song written by a French soldier walking backward." They were incredibly brilliant, and incredibly adorable.”

–E. Jasmin, Wintergrass


Carnegie Hall (NYC, NY) Lincoln Center (NYC, NY) New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (New Orleans, LA)Kennedy Center/Smithsonian Folk Festival (Wash, D.C.) BBC Series-History Of the Blues In America (BBC/UK)Good Morning New York (ABC-TV Morning Show-NYC, NY) New York Today NY (NBC-TV Morning Show- NYC, NY)CBS Morning Show (NYC) Martha Stewart Show (NYC) HBO - TV (NYC) Emeril Lagasse TV Show (NYC) Woodsongs Music Hour (KY) Vancouver Folk Festival (CANADA) Old Medicine Radio Show (USA) The B.B. King Museum(Indianola, MS) Memphis Folk Society (TN), The Folk Alliance (USA) Black Banjo Gathering (USA) Louis Bluie Fest - Tribute To Howard Armstrong (TN) International Bluegrass Music Association (Nashville, TN) Wintergrass Festival(Tacoma, WA) Charlotte Folk Society (NC) Spoleto Festival (SC) Joe’s Pub (NYC, NY) Ford Foundation (NYC) Google(NYC) Schoenberg Library (Harlem, NY) Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) Jefferson Foundation(Monticello) Calgary Folk Festival (CANADA) Florida State Fiddler’s Association (Gainesville, FL) Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (San Francisco) High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival (CO) Tosco Music Party (NC)Symphony Space (NYC. NY) Bulgaria State Dept.Tour (EU) Webster Hall (NYC, NY) Whitney Museum (NYC, NY)American Folk Museum (NYC,NY) Museum of the City of New York Brooklyn Children’s Museum (Brooklyn, NY)Winnipeg Folk Festival (CANADA) Puffin Foundation (Teaneck, NJ) The Band’s late great Levon Helm’s NewYear’sEve Ramble (NY), numerous Int’l Festivals and Stages around the world.etc…i.e. State Dept.Tours in Bulgaria…ever striving to take this prestigious musical history message everywhere…